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Introduction Paragraph – Use your primary keyword targets here and make this paragraph at least 3 sentences long or 230 characters.

This is custom heading element

You can add all your text for the article here. The most effective articles are 900-1200 words. You should have at least a few sub headers <h3> and a couple links back into the main website. If you reference WOD then link to the WOD page similarly if you reference what is CrossFit, link to that core page. Always speak to the person and not to a general audience.

Sometimes you may like to have another paragraph with an image. Keeping the images in a separate box as show to the right is the correct way to do this. By keeping it in the container box, it will display properly on Mobile devices. Images that are inserted inline with text tend to bounce all over a page and don’t do well on mobile devices. You can delete this row if it is not needed.

Blog article Image

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