How We Teach CrossFit

Exercises custom fit to your ability under the close guidance of CrossFit coaches

Our Coaches Love to Teach CrossFit!


We start with a simple evaluation, usually done on your first visit. Don’t worry this is not a test you need to pass! We simply want to understand your goals and your current ability levels.

Introducing You To The Exercises

CrossFit uses a number of exercises. We will demonstrate to you each of these exercises and explain the proper form so you can do them correctly. As you progress coaches will continuously help you achieve the best form possible. Great form means maximum benefit and lower risk of injury.

Starting Point

Based upon your fitness starting point we will advise you on how to perform each exercise customized to your current ability level. As the days, weeks and months go by your coaches will help you determine when to step up to the next level.  We know you’ll be surprised at how quickly your body will grow strong and that pull up you never thought you would be able to do… will come easily.

About Timing and Competing With Times

You may have heard that at CrossFit your exercises are timed and we keep statistics. This is true, but it is only used to help keep track of your current abilities and growth. This is not a way to compete against your fellow box members, it is there so you can compete with yourself.  By timing exercises you will know exactly when and how much progress you have made. Knowledge is truly power.

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