Jesse McKeeman grew up in Indianapolis, IN. He has a BS in Computer Science from Purdue University but doesn’t use it. Instead he joined the Marine Corps, which has been way more fun than computers. He has spent the last 15 years as a Naval Aviator flying and instructing in both helicopters and airplanes.

Jesse has been CrossFitting for 7 years at various gyms across the nation and world. He has received a diverse education in the sport. Out of the 30 or so boxes he has participated in, CrossFit Purged stands head and shoulders above most. The coaching, atmosphere, and support received there reach well outside of the typical CrossFit box and connect with everyone. The reason Jesse has chosen this box over all the others is the family atmosphere where people feel comfortable in their own skin and part of each other’s lives. Jesse’s favorite WOD is Isabel. Least favorite WOD is Murph. Surfing and spearfishing take up most of Jesse’s free time. Jesse lives in north county with his three insane boy childs and is so stoked to be married to his beautiful baby mamma.

Tell us about yourself.

Where did you grow up? Born and raised in Indianapolis, IN

Go to College? Purdue University, BS Computer Science

Family life? Three kids and Married to my baby momma

Full Time Job? USMC AH-1Z and UC-12 pilot/instructor

How did you get into CrossFit? Russian Strength Training in Kyrgyzstan 2006

How did you become a part of CrossFit Purged? Because of the Family atmosphere

What made you decide to become a CF coach? For the chance to help people achieve their goal of living longer.

How has CF benefited you beyond the gym? My blood pressure has gone way down

What is your favorite WOD? Isabel

What is your least favorite WOD? Murph

What else do you like to do in your free time? SURFING! SPEARFISHING!