Class Descriptions

Adult Class (WOD) (Carlsbad and Vista):

The adult class is the CrossFit program. This class is for anyone of any skill levels.  Check the BLOG AND WOD page to see the workout for that day.  This class lasts 1 hour and includes a coach led warm-up, movement prep,  “Buy-In” and “WOD”.  The “Buy In” is usually a strength or skill practice which allows you to consistently improve in basic strength, Olympic weightlifting or gymnastics moves.  The “WOD” is the workout of the day which is constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity.


A small class with a focus on developing the fundamental skills necessary to transition to the regular group classes.  This class is recommended for all beginners at any age.

Teen Athletes (Carlsbad Location only):

Please contact us for special group rates for off-season strength training programs for Teen Athletes.

Fitness Class:  

The fitness class is like the adult CrossFit class but with less emphasis on load and complex movements. The focus is on longer duration anaerobic and aerobic efforts. This class for anyone and all skill levels.  This class lasts 1 hour and includes coach led warm-up and movement prep.

Open Gym:

Open gym is an opportunity for you to get in and practice skills, or perform a workout you missed during the week.  One or several coaches are usually on hand to assist in skill development if necessary.  This class is open to anyone, however, this should not be the bulk of your training (especially if you are a beginner).