a.k.a. Kenzie

About Me: (College, family life, career, etc)
I grew up in Tri-Cities, WA and just recently moved to Oceanside in July of 2017 after my husband and I got married. I graduated Kamiakin HS in 2016 and studied for a year while playing softball at Columbia Basin College in my hometown. I currently work as a women’s fitness coach at Delta Life Fitness, as well as a supplement expert at Nutrition Zone. I am married to my favorite gym partner and best friend, and we live with our pup, Chunk.
How did you get into CrossFit?:
I played competitive softball for 12 years, and my dad worked with my first CrossFit coach who thought a 3-month program would help me get into shape before the season started…5 years and -55 pounds later, it’s turned into both my career inspiration and my greatest passion. 
How did you become a part of Carlsbad/Vista CrossFit?:
I had been working out by myself/following programming from home on base for a few months and was just missing that community aspect and competitive atmosphere. I found Carlsbad/Vista online, emailed Rick, and came in for a workout. Immediately I knew that this gym was going to be my new home, and I’ve been a proud member ever since! 
What made you decide to become a CrossFit coach?:
I wanted to help others discover a new sense of confidence that CrossFit had given me, and be apart of each person’s individual fitness/lifestyle journey. 
How has CrossFit benefited you beyond the gym?:
It allowed me to continue my competitive edge after retiring from softball and is constantly offering me new ways to improve my life + the life of others. 
What is your favorite WOD?:
Anything with burpees, double unders, snatches, cleans, or wallballs.
What is your least favorite WOD?:
Anything with pull-ups, thrusters, or push-ups. 
What else do you like to do in your free time?:
Spend time with my husband and dog, coffee dates with friends, workout, shop, get my nails done, entertain and eat all the food.