If you are new to CrossFit, our Fundamental program will give you the basic foundation needed to matriculate into the general class. Our program consists of completing fundamental classes until proficiency is developed. This could take up to 2 weeks or longer, depending on how athletes attend classes. During the Fundamentals we cover the CrossFit philosophy, CrossFit terminology, the 9 foundational movements, and emphasize client safety.

After your initial free class we will get you set up with the Fundamentals program. If you have any questions you can e-mail us at

Why do we offer a Fundamental program?

  • You will learn in a low-stress environment with one-on-one or small group attention from a coach.  If you’re part of a small group, you’ll be with others at a similar fitness level so you don’t have to worry about being intimidated by being thrown right into a group WOD with our “firebreathers.” You’ll have a much easier time learning the movements when there’s no music blasting or clock ticking.
  • You will be able to notify our coaches of any pre-existing injuries or mobility problems prior to you beginning group WODs, and we can then assist you in improving your flexibility or working around any limitations you have.
  • You will learn all the movements necessary to complete the WODs we do on a daily basis, which is beneficial both to you and to other clients.  During group WODs the coach will have time to refine technique on that day’s movements but will not have enough time to teach movements from scratch.  If all clients possess a similar baseline of proficiency, the coach will be able to move throughout the class and make corrections as necessary, as opposed to focusing strictly on one client.
  • You will learn how to do the movements properly from the beginning.  That way you won’t have to go back later on and unlearn bad habits.  By learning proper form and range of motion, you’ll maximize the results you get from your workouts while minimizing the risk of injury.
  • You will build personal relationships with our trainers and your fellow athletes from the beginning as you become part of our strong community atmosphere, increasing the likelihood that you will stick with CrossFit long enough to realize its benefits.
  • You’ll be treated as a valued member, not just a paying customer.