Carlsbad Endurance is a proud member of CrossFit Endurance Teams.  Our goal is to provide the necessary information and tools to assist members of Carlsbad CrossFit and other endurance athletes in North County San Diego in endurance activities.

As proposed by, we believe in training for endurance events with a 3-part approach:

Mechanics:  Learn the basics of proper running technique.

Consistency:  Practice the basics of proper running technique.  Work towards mastery.  This also applies to consistency in training both strength and conditioning and endurance workouts.

Intensity:  As your training progresses, the maximum benefit from the Carlsbad Endurance and Carlsbad CrossFit prescription will be intensity.  This is how much work can be performed in the least amount of time.

We also believe in prescribing the minimal effective dose for training.  Short, simple drills and a short, simple prescription will allow for max participation and maximal recovery.

If you are interested in exploring the benefits of anaerobic training towards endurance events, contact us.

What is CrossFit Endurance?

A new standard in Endurance Sports Training that utilizes the fundamentals of Strength & Conditioning, Interval training, and Stamina to enhance performance in Endurance competition.

CFE combines all 10 elements of conditioning/fitness along with (endurance) sports-specific programming to create an athlete that is more powerful, faster and can recover quicker. for more information.