I grew up in Lansing, Michigan.  My bride Kimberly and I moved to Vista in 1983.  She was 18, I was 21, and Greggor was about five months old.  I loaded and drove beer trucks for a couple of years, then started my auto detailing business, WaxMan Auto Detailing and Collection Management, in 1985.  I have been detailing driver cars, preparing classic cars for various Concours d’ Elegance events around the world, helping my clients buy and sell their cars, and managing auto collections ever since.  I still enjoy it very much and have had the opportunity to meet many very interesting people and put hands on some pretty incredible cars over the years.
Kimberly and I have been married nearly 34 years now, and we have two awesome sons.  Greggor, 34, a Navy cryptologist who inspired me to get into CrossFit, and Gage, 31, who worked with me for many years and has recently started working at Costco Carlsbad, as well as still helping dad out on occasion.  Kimberly is my rock and I am so happy some of you are getting to know her as well.  I love that she is doing CrossFit with me.
Outside of the gym, I enjoy participating in all manner of motorcycle activites.  Track days, street rides, touring, as well as camping and dirt biking in Baja.  I play a little golf and I’m very terrible at it, and I waste far too much time online…
I didn’t come to CrossFit with any particular expectations.  Greggor had been on me for years to try it.  In May of 2015, we were visiting him, and I joined him at his gym for a couple of workouts.  It was awful, but I knew I had to start somewhere.  I weighed about 315 pounds, had high blood pressure, and could hardly climb a flight of stairs without losing my breath.  Upon arriving home, I joined CrossFit Purged and told coach Chris that I would show up every day and work hard, and my goal was not to get hurt, or die.  So far, so good.
The hardest part about joining CrossFit is walking through that door and making a commitment to do this every day.  The fact that it’s not inexpensive helps some.  You’re spending a few bucks to do this.  It’s not a ten dollar per month gym membership.  I want to get my money’s worth, and it’s worth every penny.  The coaching, the CrossFit programming, the members who become like family, it’s all just great.  Show up.  You don’t need to know what you’re doing.  You’ll be here an hour.  They will tell you exactly what to do during warmup, buy-in, and workout.  If you don’t know how to do the movement or activity the days’ workout calls for, don’t worry, it will all be gone over in the warm up.  If you’re unable to do a movement or activity the day’s workout calls for, the coach will find a modification that you can do.  That is the beauty of the program.  A beginner can work out alongside a seasoned CrossFitter.  Everyone gets tired and sweaty together.  It’s an encouraging, spirited environment that is addictive and fun.
I reached a few personal goals at CrossFit last year.  I got my 500lb Dead Lift, 400+ Back Squat, 300+ Front Squat.  I didn’t get 250 lbs over my head, but I will one day.  My goals for 2017 are to get double unders and overhead squats.  Double unders require coordination and I’ll keep working on that.  The overhead squats mean I need to keep working on shoulder mobility and strength, which have been challenges since day one.  I also want to improve my eating habits and lose some more fat.
Favorite workouts are anything with dead lifts, kettlebell swings, back squats, wall balls or rowing.  See a pattern here?  I’m not big on running, strict presses, or anything that involves snatching, which means that’s probably what I should be working hardest on . . .
I am truly blessed by all of the excellent people I have met through CrossFit.  The owners, past and present, the coaches, and the members at Vista and Carlsbad are all fantastic.  Not a bad one in the bunch.
I can’t remember anything specifically hilarious that has happened to me at the gym.  I’ve taken a tumble or two and had a couple near misses.  I have out rowed my rowing seat on a couple of occastions, which might have made good video.  No major injuries as of yet, just nagging old man stuff.  I do have a nice chunk of shin missing at the moment which looks worse that it is.
In regards to results, I feel great.  I’ve gained a lot of strength and stamina, and lost about 35-40 lbs.  If I even tried to eat better, or less, I’d likely be another 20 or so pounds lighter, but I feel like I’m in pretty good shape for a 280lb 55 year old guy.
If you’re reading this and considering joining Vista / Carlsbad CrossFit, I can’t recommend it any higher.  The coaches are present, engaged,  knowledgeable, and personal attention is paramount.  The classes are of reasonable size.  Usually between three and twelve people.  The members are friendly, encouraging, non-judgmental, and a lot of fun to be around.  Check your ego at the door, show up every day, work hard and do what you’re capable of.  It’s difficult.  It’s challenging.  You will see incredible results and have a great time.  Next to getting home to my family and dogs, it’s the highlight of my day.