Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. (Where did you grow up, where do you work, Family,etc.)

I grew up in Kansas City (Kansas side!) . My husband and I met there 15 years ago, married in St Louis (after a lengthy 3 month engagement), and moved to western Kansas for his flight school. Since he joined the Marines we’ve lived in VA, FL, TX, FL (again), NC, and now CA! Work stuff: I started working at age 14 and have had lots of really random jobs (video counter clerk, developing rolls of film, rolling newspapers, selling pointe shoes, filing medical records, waitressing, CNA… etc etc). Eventually I went to nursing school and had a pretty great run as an RN in pediatrics, telemetry, and Emergency Dept, but I’ve since “retired” to take care of the four small people we’ve created. They’re 12, 11, 5, and 1, and I love them like crazy. Even though sometimes they make me crazy. We also have a ginormous dog, six-minus-one chickens (that 6 am class gets to hear me complain about), and a fish pet cemetery in the backyard.

What hobbies do you enjoy outside of the gym?

Generally I spend most of my free time chasing wayward children, homeschooling them, or driving them around town. But when I’m not doing that I love photography, reading, exploring new places, history, motorcycles (sold my 250 Ninja right before moving here), and binge-watching Netflix.

What did you first expect when you joined CrossFit?

I expected it to be really hard – and I was right! Haha. In a good way, though . “Without labor nothing prospers” – Sophocles

What are some of the things you are most proud of accomplishing in and out of the gym?

I’d have to say my major life accomplishment has been creating new humans. But doing my first RX workout was pretty rad, too. And also getting pull-ups. Oh, and doing Murph for the first time this year – I had been avoiding that one for ages, so I was super proud to get over the mental (and physical) hurdle and finally do it (even with the push-ups scaled).

What has been the hardest part of joining CrossFit? Most rewarding?

The hardest thing is getting there even when the WOD is something I don’t like or am not-so-stellar at (ahem… snatch…). But the feeling of accomplishment at the end of every workout is the rewarding part. Every single time.

What are some of your goals, personal and fitness, for the future?

Goals: Real push-ups that don’t stink. Getting more RX’s by my name! Improving core strength & stability (five pregnancies really takes a toll!). Raising my people to someday be proper adults and not wind up in jail, marry losers, or mix the jelly into the peanut butter.

What is your favorite workout?

Cindy. But… now that I tried Murph, I really like that one too. Probably ’cause it’s like, a billion Cindy’s. And… I like burpees. Is it ok to confess that?

How has CrossFit benefited your life beyond fitness and the gym?

I really attribute my continued ability to physically care for my little gal without problem to time spent in the gym. I’m already observing other caretakers having knee, back, or hip problems, and needing multiple people for the lifting. So far, despite being a whopping 5-foot-zero, I’m still hanging in there and lifting on my own. I also love the positive, supportive community and atmosphere at the gym, and it puts me in a better mood for the rest of the day – which my home team appreciates and why making it to 6am is a good thing! I love the example CrossFit sets for the kids: challenging yourself is good for you. One of the littles is a CrossFit Kids class regular herself now! And it’s just a great all-around activity and way to connect with people; even when my husband’s 8,000 miles away we’re still doing CrossFit “together” – and maybe having a lil’ competitive spirit along with it.

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you in the gym since you’ve joined?

Well the FUNnest thing is stopping mid-workout to dance to some 90’s gangsta rap tunes – with Coach Kim!  . FunnIest? Hmm, I dunno… Maybe that time I drank out of another gal’s water bottle accidentally…And then I ran and spit it out in the bathroom ASAP ’cause I’m sort of germaphobic like that. And I don’t think anyone noticed. Cat’s out of the bag now, though.

What made you decide you wanted/needed to start CrossFit?

I had been curious about it for awhile but didn’t have a super “sporty” or “weightlifty” background (ballet/dance, springboard diving, yoga, regular gym classes, etc). But one of my small people has severe cerebral palsy and I knew I needed to be strong enough to keep lifting her as she grew, and also while avoiding a back/knee/shoulder/other injury myself. So the heavy-lifting-combined-with-coaching aspect drew me to try it, and I’ve loved it ever since. Even the sportiness.

What results have you achieved since joining our gym?

I love seeing the progress; keeping track of WODs and seeing the times get faster or the weights get heavier. I’m happy to say that despite being a naturally clumsy person I’ve never injured myself – and haven’t injured myself doing kid-lifts at home, either.

What would you say to someone on the fence about joining our gym?

There’s a reason Crossfitters talk about CrossFit. Because it’s the best thing ever. Seriously – just give it a try. You’ll like it. You don’t have to look like a rockstar athlete or have a weightlifting background. Everyone can do it.